Monday, June 04, 2007

Don't Unload Luggage

While on the road last week, I discovered a cool visual management aid at the Holiday Inn Express in Dundee, Michigan. It certainly catches the eye and helps inform guests to check in first to see if their room is in the next building before unloading luggage. Why can't signs in manufacturing be effective and fun like this one?


Mike Gardner said...

Mike, I assume you spent some time (and hopefully some bucks)at our state's number one tourist attraction--the huge Cabella's store in Dundee. In the land of forests, lakes, rivers, the Great Lakes, museums, lighthouses, and every other conceivable tourist venue, our number one attraction is now--a sporting goods store. There is a manufacturing analogy in there somewhere, I'm sure.

Mike Wroblewski said...

Yes, Mike, I did spend some time and money at the Cabella store which this Holiday Inn was right next door. I certainly prefer the forests, lakes and rivers over shopping but I did like the "shopping experience" at Cabella for my only free afternoon.