Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ambiguous Visual Controls

It has been extremely exciting this past year to enter the lean healthcare world to learn, share and improve processes with the spirit of kaizen. I will certainly post on my lean healthcare experiences later this year. For now, I'd just like to share an ambiguous visual control that that I stumbled upon during one of my Hospital visits. Do you think this causes any confusion?


Mark Graban said...

Too many hospital signs are put up by people who know the hospital already - the terms and the general direction of things. It's confusing to outsiders and the hospital should do better to make things less confusing for the customers.

So where the heck is admitting, then? That's the piece of needed info that's missing, eh? That "this is not admitting" isn't really deep problem solving...

Mike Wroblewski said...

Hey Mark,
It seems that Admitting is down the hall but the directions are not clear. Like you said, it was put up by people who already know the hospital. As a visitor, I got lost several times. Even the cafeteria was hard to find.