Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Boondoggle Everywhere

Welcome to a new blog site dedicated to the elimination of waste in American Business. Using the principles of Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and a "just try it" attitude, many issues and topics will be examined, challenged, tried and shared. The end result is to help those who are interested to successfully improve their business or workplace.

One of the best improvement methods is to eliminate waste from the process. From my viewpoint, waste can be seen in just about every single business process. Boondoggle is Everywhere. What is most discouraging is that this waste is generally accepted!

For whatever the reasons (Don't see it, no money, no resources, no time, don't know how, lean is a fad, my company is unique, etc), waste is allowed to exist unchallenged. You can either continue to accept it or join the fight to eliminate it.

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