Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lean Blog Podcast Interview with Dr Jeffrey Liker

On our lean journey, we must continuously improve and continuously learn. Check out the podcast interview with Dr Jeffrey Liker, author of The Toyota Way, conducted by Mark Graban at Lean Blog. Mark continues to provide excellent lean lessons on his blog and check out his other podcasts featuring Norm Bodek.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interesting tips for Lean. Many folks we work with suggest that lean was made to cut at all costs and that people and humanity too often get left behind in favor of sheer profit with these programs. I'd love to hear your take.

Brain Based Business

Mike Wroblewski said...

Good comment, Ellen. Unfortunately, there are many examples of US companies using what they call the lean approach to do just that-cut all costs without regard to people for the Holy Grail of Profits. Even the management action of a layoff used to be a last resort action to save a company from collapse, now is used quite regularly to insure executive bonus for the year end numbers. This is plan and simple wrong! The true lean approach does not operate in this manner. Just reference Jeffrey Liker's book, The Toyota Way, on the lean principles of respect for people and partners. A cornerstone to lean is to respect, challenge and grow people and partners (suppliers). A very tough challenge that many fail at doing in the name of profits.