Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Simple Kaizen 1

Before Kaizen: What was my problem? My laptop cords and mouse cords gets tangled up in my computer bag.

After Kaizen: What is my simple idea? Attach velcro strips to each cord, wrap and secure.

Result: What is the benefit? Eliminates frustration and time to untangle the cords.


Anonymous said...

Poke-Yoke Idea for Mouse --

Cordless Mouse!!

I love this site Mike--It's very informative.

Regards --
John Young
(loyal Six Sigma Greenbelt Candidate)
Pratt Corp.

Mike Wroblewski said...

Hi John,

Thanks for your kind words. I did consider going to a wireless mouse but I opted for "Creativity before Capital". A wireless mouse would cost $20-40 when the velcro strips cost me a mire $0.43 each.

Jason said...

Here's a better "Creativity before Capital" solution for you...toilet paper tubes! I use them for my laptop and assorted computer wires.

Jason Brown

Mike Wroblewski said...

Great idea, Jason. I'll try it.