Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Visual 5S Scores

As I pointed out in a previous post, lean grade inflation has found its way into plant assessments like 5S Audits. To address this issue, try converting from the common point scoring system (as seen above) to a green/red or pass/fail system (as seen below). For an added punch, supplement the green/red rating visual signal with a happy/sad face. At several plants where we made the switch, the change has proven successful and fun.


Mike Gardner said...

Great idea, Mike. I have found that a 0 ~ 5 system works well in the beginning, but as the low-hanging fruit is picked it seems every department starts to score a 3.5 on a regular basis, which defeats the purpose of the scoring system.

Mark Graban said...

I like visuals like that. At a previous manufacturing company, we did a traffic light visual for each area -- we had a 0 to 10 scoring system and had a range of scores correspond with bad, OK, and good ranges. But the key was driving the ACTIVITY not the score itself. That required more than just metrics and color coding.

Mr Muda said...

Interesting. When I help to introduce a 5S audit system, I insist that there is also a definition against each of the points on the grade. For example, number of obstructions in a gangway with 0 equating to a score of 5 and 4 equating to score of 1. It takes some of the subjectivity out of the scoring.

Having said that, there is a real question as to how you get long term commitment to 5S once the initial excitement (first year) is over.