Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Green Belts Going Green

I attended a report out by several newly certified six sigma green belts from the Pratt Corporation in Indianapolis, Indiana where two of the projects were going green. Instead of your typical customer quality focused projects, two individuals focused on the issue of waste disposal costs for the company.

Using the DMAIC approach to problem solving, they clearly defined the scope of the problem, performed the analysis and implemented countermeasures with dramatic results. One project focused on increasing the use of custom sheets to reduce scrap without increasing costs by clearly defining the “standard work” in making the decision to use custom sheets. The second project improved the scrap recycling process. Together, the net results were an 80% reduction in landfill waste disposal volume with a cost savings of over $80,000.

In addition to the positive results, several new projects were formed as a result of their data. The company is now targeting 100% elimination of landfill disposal waste.


Mike Gardner said...

I have recently undertaken a Green Belt course and am workin on my certification project. One of the things I liked most about the course was the fact that Six Sigma was taught as a flexible set of system tools applicable far beyond the traditional "quality improvement" realm. Nice post.

Mike Wroblewski said...

Thanks Mike. Congratulations on adding the green belt training to your tool belt. I agree and teach my green belt classes accordingly. Even going green as a six sigma project is a step in "improving quality" of our environment for not only our customers but society as a whole.