Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My CI Wall Runneth Over

It just took a few months and we filled up our Kaizen Wall of Fame with implemented ideas from our associates at the Batesville Indiana plant. So far, our simple kaizen process is becoming another brick in our lean foundation. Although we may consider extending our wall, we are currently taking down the oldest ones and replacing them with the newest ideas. Fantastic job by our Indiana associates!

Since the beginning of our initiative in April to improve our Total Employee Involvement at Batesville Casket, we have introduced the “My CI” process to all 5 manufacturing plants in North America. Each plant now has a Kaizen Wall of Fame to recognize the ideas of our associates and share their ideas.

For those of us on the lean journey, we know this is not just a manufacturing thing. Next stop for joining the “My CI” process is our corporate office!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you had so many in such a short time. Amazing!
What is your participation goal per employee per year?

Mike Wroblewski said...

Although I favor the Deming approach by not putting goals into place for the My CI process, we are trying to match Toyota's goal following their employee suggestion program of 2 implemented ideas per associate per month. We are a long way from meeting this level of participation however the results to date are amazing regardless!