Monday, February 09, 2009

PB & J at Personix

Awhile back, I was invited to present a lean topic to the management team at Personix in Indianapolis, Indiana during their monthly PB & J. I love to promote the lean approach and share improvement ideas so I was happy to attend today’s lunch meeting. However I had to ask first, what was PB & J?

For those that don’t know like me, PB & J stands for Peanut Butter and Jelly. Each month, the staff hosts a business learning lunch session with a buffet line set up to make your own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. (They assured me that the peanut butter was safe!)

During the lunch, different topics are presented and discussed. It could be a book review, a lean tool, a lean concept, or whatever learning topic is of interest to the group. What a simple, easy and fun concept!

I was asked to run through my Japan Kaikaku Experience from my lean study mission hosted by Gemba Research. A couple of the lean leaders at Personix had previously seen my presentation and wanted the rest of their group to see it. It was just a quick snapshot of the lean lessons I learned from my trip which I have posted in the past.

Japan Day 1 Toyota Motor Kyushu

Japan Day 1 Nanjo Sobi

Japan Day 2 Matsumoto

Japan Day 3 Toto

Japan Day 4 HOKS Part 1

Japan Day 4 HOKS Part 2

Japan Trip Epiphany

If you wish to completely immerse yourself in seeing lean in action in a truly transformational professional experience, this trip is for you!

Personix, a wholly owned business units of FISERV, Inc., has been working on their lean journey for several years now with excellent success. Personix delivers solutions for card, print/mail and electronic document delivery. They began as a plastic card personalization company and have expanded into other custom documents like benefits explanation, consolidated statements, tax documents, etc. Personix personalizes more than 875 million document images and 125 million cards per year.

The session interest was high and several topics generated great discussion like stand up desk in the office. Based on this discussion during today’s PB & J, I am confident that the Personix team will continue looking for ways to continuously improve!

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