Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Poka Yoke The Office Style

From the popular comedy show, The Office, Dwight give us some potential poka yoke advice on mistake proofing, also known as idiot proofing from the early lean days. I wonder if anyone has practiced this thinking?


Tim McMahon said...

That great advice for anyone. I watch the Office regularly and I am not sure Dwight does that well.

Mark Graban said...

Ha, good one. The Office is often a source of lean inspiration and clips on my blog if you don't mind the link:

Hiroaki said...

I agree with many of you:
Last week I asked a secretary to search me a simple e mail msg. She did not get it because the subject (matter) of the msg was not written wisefully.
I recommend everybody to use visual management words.
Hiroaki Kokudai- consultant- Brazil