Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Surprising Truth about what Motivates Us

Here is an amazing presentation by RSA animate with a talk by Dan Pink on what motivates us. Great information. Enjoy and learn.


Bob Duckles said...

I enjoyed this. Thanks. For a lot of people this helps us think outside the box. I think it leaves a big piece out. Not all people are motivated the same way at the workplace. There are those who like challenge. There are those who enjoy the relationships. There are craftsmen. Give them the machine, the material and the specs and leave them alone. These are only a few examples. Unfortunately, the workplace often requires everyone to fit a single mold.

Still, a very good, thought provoking presentation. Thanks for making it available.

Mark Welch said...

Hey Mike, are you coming back?

Mike Wroblewski said...

Hi Mark,

Yes, just unplugged a while to focus on clients and took a little family summer vacation. Thanks for asking. Some new posts are on the way.