Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Motor Intake TPM

Here is a simple kaizen for motors which can be part of our Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) program.

1. Remove the motor intake cover over the fan.
2. Clean and repair fan as needed.
3. Re-attach cover and place filter over vent area.
4. Add motor inspection and filter replacement to operator checklist.

It does not take much dirt to collect in the fan to restrict airflow which causes the motor to run at higher temperatures and leads to premature failure.

Which is easier, better, faster and cheaper: Replace a filter or replace a motor?

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Mike Gardner said...

All right Mike! It's great to see you embracing TPM in your blog. As you may remember, I'm a TPM missionary from way back. Unless we are building products on workbenches with hand tools, TPM is THE vital foundation for sustainable lean systems. Great instructive post.