Saturday, January 01, 2011

Annual Management Improvement Carnival 2010 My Flexible Pencil

For the third of four blogs reviews in my contribution the 2010 Annual Management Improvement Carnival, I will highlight My Flexible Pencil written by David M Kasprzak.

This is another excellent new blog I stumbled upon this past year which just started last March. I was fortunate to have met David in October at the Northeast Shingo Prize Conference along with bloggers, Tim McMahon and Mark Hamel. At the conference, we attended several sessions together and had multiple opportunities to share ideas and thoughts on continuous improvement. David takes his lean thinking beyond the traditional shop floor and directs his focus on organizational effectiveness and leadership.

David lives and works in the Greater Boston area, dealing with the many challenges of fostering the lean approach at his company, the setting for many of his stories.

Here are a few of his best for 2010.

Why Performance Appraisals are Still Used and Why Team Building Still Suffers
David Kasprzak theorizes the often criticized performance appraisal system with lack of true teamwork in companies today.

The Rules are the Problem
David Kasprzak shares a great story illustrating that the way in which you approach a problem determines the way in which you solve it. I especially like the “Make it look like this” solution.

Employee Recognition Doesn’t Require Vision. It Requires Visibility
David Kasprzak reveals a compelling point of view in support of an open office environment in leading by example visibility.

Rube Goldberg Leadership: Waste and Value
David Kasprzak insightfully applies the 7 wastes to leadership that is thought-provoking.

7 Reasons I hate my desk
David Kasprzak questions whether the most common office standard, our desk, adds value or not.

Change Management and the 5S Framework
David Kasprzak uses the 5S Framework beyond the traditional physical environment and applies it to management systems.

Please be sure to continue reading David Kasprzak’s blog, My Flexible Pencil, in the future and comment on his posts.

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David M Kasprzak said...

Wow! thanks, Mike. I just came across this post, and I am so deeply honored. My blog has been on a bit of a hiatus for the past few months while I take care of some non-work issues, but I am still here and mounting a comeback! Thanks so much for the encouragement and the great praise. I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting at NE Shingo and look forward to much success in the New Year. Best of luck in all that you do!