Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan Getting Lean

One of our hospital clients that we are helping guide on their lean journey, in particular, using the 3P lean approach, is Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan. It is amazing to see the lean thinking that has grown since we started this build project. As you can see in this video, many care providers are participating in this design following the 7 flows with a patient centered focus. One point not highlighted is that several customers (recent patients) also participated in the 3P process to provide their input.

At this time, we have not completed the 3P process. Next up is the design development where we will mock up life size scale rooms to test out the layout and process improvements before we start construction of the new Children’s Hospital.

Stay tuned as we progress on this lean journey!


Brian Buck said...

Thanks for posting this Mike. It is cool to see the hospital speak to how they are using 3P! I enjoyed you speaking about this in Seattle a few months ago. It is great to see how much the group has progressed since then!

Mike Wroblewski said...

Hi Brian,

It was a pleasure meeting you up in Seattle and thanks for the comments. Our work is not done but we have made good progress. It's great seeing all the people getting excited and involved in the improvement process.