Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Signs don't always Work

Signs have been a common method to communicate information since the beginning of the written word. Unfortunately, we don't always follow the instructions as seen in this actual plant photo. I wonder why this particular sign did not cause people to follow it's directive? Many times we think by just putting a sign up will solve or prevent a problem. Think again!

Should we track down the offenders and make public examples of their civil disobedience. Verbal warning, written warning, double secret probation or just fire them? Some management would think along these lines.

Wouldn't it be a better approach to poka-yoke (mistake proof) the situation. Putting this lean principle into action, maybe a sloped roof would prevent this problem. Are there places within your work environment where signs are ignored too? Take a moment to see if a better approach can be put into action.


Anonymous said...

I have read a good root cause analysis related to 5S where the root cause of many 5S problems is "horizontal surfaces". If you can eliminate unneeded horizontal survaces, you can eliminate a lot of potential for 5S issues!

Anonymous said...


ULR/link to post I mention above