Monday, February 20, 2006

Waste can Sometimes be Put to Good Use

I promote the elimination of waste as one of the driving forces of lean manufacturing and I am not deviating from that objective. However, I saw a cool example of turning waste into a second, useful life.

This past week, I ordered an Imada force gauge and test stand from MSC Industrial Supply. My buying experience was outstanding. MSC arranged for a non-catalogue item (the specific test stand I wanted) directly shipped from Imada within two days. Instead of saying "Sorry, we don't carry it", they told me "Let me see what we can get from the manufacturer!". All over the phone it two minutes. Great Job MSC!

When the package arrived at the my dock door, I quickly got the packing slip passed on to purchasing and opened the box. The cool idea I saw inside was waste put to good use. A bundle of shredded office paper in a plastic bag was used as protective padding. What an excellent use of typical paper waste. Great idea Imada!

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