Friday, February 01, 2008

Does Tiger Woods Practice?

This past weekend, Tiger Woods added another notch to his victory column winning the Buick Invitational. He is currently the world’s No. 1 player and tied Arnold Palmer with 62 PGA Tour career victories, placing him tied in fourth place on the all-time victory list.

Currently his game is in a good spot, he has won 16 of his last 32 Tour starts. Tiger Woods certainly is an exceptional golfer and arguable one the best ever. With such a great run, can he get any better? Does Tiger Woods Practice?

As reported in the USA Today, Tiger Woods recently answered this by saying his sustained brilliance this past year is the best stretch in his career, the fruits of hours of labor on the range tinkering with his swing. He goes on the say, “One of the reasons I made the changes I made is I knew I could attain another level. I’m hitting shots I never could hit before.” And in true kaizen spirit, Tiger Woods added, “I’m still getting better.”

Do we practice to improve our game at work? Can we describe our improvement effort as “hours of labor tinkering” to get every little detail just right? Do we believe that we can attain another level? Do we KNOW we can? Even with success, would we still say that we can get even better?

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