Monday, October 10, 2005

Serious 5S - The White Glove Test

As you begin your lean journey, use 5s as your springboard. The steps to clean and organize the workplace are easy, simple and extremely visible. Benefits are immediate and more importantly, the change process starts off in a positive direction.

Looking only at the cleaning step of 5S, most companies do a good job. However, doing only a good job does not set the standard high enough. Set your 5S program apart from a simple housekeeping exercise, get serious and use the white glove test.

Break out a pair of white gloves and start wiping everywhere. Don't limit yourself to just equipment and tools. Run your white glove across walls, on posts, over beams. Wipe high, wipe low, get on a ladder and wipe higher.

Setting a high standard on a simple process like cleaning will raise the expectations on all the improvement activities that follow.

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