Friday, October 28, 2005

What does my Blog title "Got Boondoggle?" mean?

Several people have told me that they don't quite understand the meaning of "Got Boondoggle?" for my blog title. Well, I picked this title for several reasons.

First, "Boondoggle" is a word meaning waste. Boondoggle is more commonly used to describe a waste found in politics/government, specifically a waste of taxpayer money. More broadly, by asking "Got Boondoggle?", I am just asking if you have waste in your operations/processes. If you answer, "yes", then this blog for you. I just extended the connection to the lean manufacturing principle of waste elimination.

Second, the term boondoggle is unique and stands out from the crowd. This should make it easier to find.

Finally, and more importantly, both of my kids laugh every time I say boondoggle.

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